Saturday, 28 September 2013

Vale Bulli Brick...

Tribute to My Favourite Scene:


Who would believe it? New housing development means my favourite view, from our backyard, has been demolished. The wonderful old chimney and buildings at the old Bulli Brick site have the blink of an eye. Chimney toppled! Why couldn't they have at least saved the chimney to create a focus for cafes, shops, village square? Ah Wollongong! You've done it again...

SO here is my tribute, all my paintings of this gorgeous scene on one blog!

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  1. Hi Kate
    So sad things have to change and history is stripped from reality.
    How wonderful are you to be able to paint those wonderful memories so that people can at least be able to remember those times.
    When we look back and remember those times we can say that it was something very magical especially when you think of way back then and compare it to now - how things have changed - thank heavens they can't take that away from us.
    By completing these pieces for all to see we can say “Thank you Kate for your paintings, your love of living in this part of the world and for sharing so much in your fabulous works of art.