Sunday, 21 October 2012

Final garden paintings

Painting 3
Painting 4
Garden paintings finished finally. I was intending to paint six in this series, however as always when I HAVE to do something (self imposed of course) I start to resent the task half way through and would rather be doing so many other things...gardening, cooking, or just finishing the latest painting calling to me on the easel.
SO there are only four "spring garden" paintings.

                                                      Behold the complete set, DONE!                      
painting 1
Painting 2
 As you can see my attitude is reflected in the paintings.
When I started, neat pretty, lady- like... as I progressed, slap-dash, bolder.
In real life, Painting 1 is my favourite so I must be lady-like!

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  1. Kate these are great! How did I miss these? Anyway, I love them