Thursday, 23 August 2012

Works in progress

Between my home studio and the open paddock, my favourite occupation is to conquer the challenge of painting a landscape with as much freshness, light and "truth" as possible.

Creating the painting is such an all-engrossing joy, then the pleasure of revisiting the painting, touching up and surprising myself over and over each time I "catch it unawares"...such a joy!

So here is my current painting, at this stage, a work in progress, interrupted by an encroaching sandstorm. The location was a regular spot we go to paint and fish for the day, Seven Mile Beach just south of Geroa.

Plein air painting beach scene
Original Scene
The plein air painting won't be a photographic replica of the scene

I'll be uploading the finished painting soon.


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  1. great painting... Can't wait to see the finished product